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in the industry

For high project demands, you need high-quality land surveying equipment. Yoas Services Inc., has a full line of products that will stand up to the job. The commercial-grade surveying tools you will find with us are tested and calibrated for optimum performance, durability, and reliability.


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We are one of the premier suppliers in north central PA

•  Abney levels

•  Appraiser's tapes

•  Bench-ties

•  Bipods

•  Calculators

•  Compasses

•  Clinometers

•  Cut and fill rods

•  Distance measures

•  Field books

•  Flagging

•  Folding rules

•  Gads

•  Gammon reels

•  Hand levels

•  Hand tools

•  Hub discs


*Tool rentals available

•  Keil

•  Laser distance measures

•  Level books

•  Level rods

•  Lumber crayons

•  Machetes

•  Mag hubs

•  Mag nails

•  Magnetic locators

•  Maps and map measures

•  Markers and crayons

•  Marking paint

•  Measuring tapes and rules

•  Measuring wheels

•  Paint

•  Plumb bobs


*Manufacturer guarantees

•  Prisms

•  Prism poles

•  Rebar caps

•  Rods

•  Rod levels

•  Sledge hammers

•  Stake flags

•  Stake whiskers

•  Survey markers

•  Surv-Kaps

•  Targets

•  Topographic maps

•  Transit books

•  Tribrachs

•  Tripods

•  Tripod adapters

surveying instrument surveying instrument Magnail David White Crain CST/Berger Leica Lufkin Apache Rolatape SECO Sokkia Suunto Topcon USGS

Repair services available for most products and brands.


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